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Re: ADD, clutter and “hoarding” stuff

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I think in part the difference between hoarding and just having lots of stuff that’s totally disorganized with ADD is that the hoarders often go looking for more stuff. Whether the accumulation is via garbage picking, going to yard sales, shopping or whatever, it seems to be deliberate and purposeful accumulation even when they know there is too much. There is also an odd justification process that goes with this as to why to keep it.

As a person with ADD I can get rid of things, just find it overwhelming to deal with large volumes of stuff. My basement and garage are pretty bad but no rotting pumpkins thank goodness!

I’ve seen that show and while it does seem exploitative in one sense, and I think the people are at their wits end & are just desperate to get help any way the can. It would be interesting to know what happens to them a year after the show airs. BTW it is also available online with some behind the scenes footage.