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Re: ADD, clutter and “hoarding” stuff

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You can share this website with her (thanks JayBird for also recommending it) , http://www.flylady.net but understand that the clutter may not bother her as it bothers you which leaves you with exactly three choices:

1) Ignore it, it’s her stuff and you cannot get rid of it for her.

2) Get her permission to move or store it but then You’d have to do it and NOT resent her for not or being incapable of doing it

3) Find a neater girlfriend

The CLEAN HOUSE tv shows that do all the work for people are not as helpful as people doing it for themselves. But looking at the whole picture (of a messy home or room) is overwhelming, petrifying and intimidating thus nothing happens. If your girlfriend is bothered by the clutter like you are and wishes to use small babysteps to improve her circumstances then http://www.flylady.net will help. If she isn’t, well, see above the 3 choices.

Best wishes,