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Shopping is just overwhelming, period. I actually go shopping when I *want* to get stimulated. So then it’s kind of enjoyable. Otherwise, it’s a nightmare — and I don’t even have kids to deal with. Is there any way you can just do your shopping on your own? At least when you’re in the middle of some other overwhelming project. Like, pick one overwhelming thing to get OCD about and make the other stuff easy. I had a reno project 5 years ago I got hyperfocused on (was selling a house) — but I did nothing else but that. The last week before I put my house on the market, I didn’t go to work, didn’t shower, barely ate, only answered calls I absolutely had to take, drank a ton of coffee. I can’t say it was brilliantly handled, but I was able to get it all done without too much frustration and raging. Again, I realize I have the “luxury” (ha ha) of a single life and don’t have all your obligations, but I feel ya.