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Thanks everyone! @ Roachella….I like what you said about looking at reorganizing the house as an ongoing project, rather than something which has a given amount of time to complete. I am going to try to look at my projects like that…..and maybe that way I won’t feel so driven all day to get them done…..and then hopefully be able to stop and smell the roses. I also really like using fake cuss words…..we do that a lot around here!! ;) We usually use “Oh, pickles!” As for a counselor…..I had one for about 6 years….he took me through a lot of yucky stuff from the past……and actually is the one who did the very first ADD assessment with me. But when I enlisted the help of my coach….I had to choose between my counselor and my coach (for financial reasons) and the coach won. I know that my counselor will always be available if I choose to contact him again. :)

The good news of today is: I finally got my hubby to sit down and watch the Totally ADD dvd with me….and he said it really opened his eyes. yay!! We have a breakthrough!!!

Thanks again everyone. :)