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Hey gracious- yesterday I had a totally relatable day to your original post. I was about to snap. Like I said, I just started ritalin a few weeks ago and the dose went up- but it stopped helping. I was more bunched up and easily irritated. Shopping was terrible! My patience with people was nill! I was so frustrated with the little disorganized behaviors I was experiencing, just like when I wasn’t on meds.

Example: In drive through @ bank, forget account number, misplace several needed things for the transaction while trying to complete the transaction- all in in the vicinity of my lap. My LAP!!! (driver’s license, the actual tube that goes up the pipe- seriously- the tube!!) The meds were no longer helping- I felt more uncomfortable around strangers, because my communication skills went down the tube- and that is something I do not need. I was in melt down mode yesterday. So when I saw my Nurse Practioner- we switched to adderall. I start that today…we’ll see.

I think another part of being frustrated is that I am more aware of these behaviors, because I’ve been trying to change them. When they start rearing their heads again, I feel dissapointed and ashamed, so non- functional and almost hopeless- and I get mad at myself.

I have to keep in mind why I started taking meds and to be easy on myself…I’m trying to make my life better. Geeesh!