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Are you seeking any treatment? Are you taking any medication to help with your ADD?

I used to smoke quite a bit before I started to recieve treatment for my ADHD. I’m not sure exactly if it helped me with focusing, perhaps it just made the toils of everyday life undiagnosed a little easier. It did not help with my anxiety, my social awkwardness, fidgeting, hyperactivity, hyperfocusing, sesitivity to noise, and touch, distractability, inability to manage my emotions, or anything else that comes along with having ADHD. If anything I was just too “stoned” to care. The problems still existed and I was still affected by them. I have been on Adderall for 1 week now and do not have much of a desire to smoke. It seems to me that later at night when the Adderall has stopped working for me that symptoms start comming back, and side effects start to diminish that I even think about smoking. Its still around but consumption has gone down significantly. Compared to recieving professional treatment, there is nothing that compares.