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Re: ADD Tools! Woohoo!

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I have shared that video with a bunch of people I know, mostly new friends. I don’t have old friends. Just friends that are old. They are great friends.

A little less than half the time I almost regret it. Most people just don’t understand and may never even care to. Accepting that is hard work. I don’t share it with people much any more. I tried to share it with the social worker I saw last time, a mistake. The poor guy just does not have the time. Period.

Awareness is a great thing, but the healthcare system here in CA. is not ready for the volume of people who “think they might have this” and plenty more who “heard about a great new medication you can get if ya convince em ya have ADHD”

Drug seekers have destroyed the ability of good doctors to do what they love, Help people. There are also plenty of people who really suffer with this, and just want a short cut past the work, education, and building new habits, that make up the other 85% of the solution.

I’m one of the fold that won’t get the quick fix that is only a little bit of help anyway. We all have to do the work. Change our habits. Change how we live. Watch the videos here, and at other places on the Net. Over and over n over. Till it finally sinks in. Then watch more cuz the solution gets lost in the clutter of our mind.

I absolutely must forgive the drug seekers, my sanity will be the reward.