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Re: ADD/ADHD specialists in Toronto?

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He’s not a specialist, but I’m currently seeing a Doctor at the Credit Valley Hospital’s Outpatient Mental Health Clinic in Mississauga. His name is Dr. Domenic Dimanno, and while he is not a specialist, he did tell me that he worked with kids with ADHD while he was a resident at Sick Kids.

Sure beats the last Psychiatrist that my GP sent me to. He was a disaster. He started arguing with the conclusions of my Psychologist’s report before he had even finished reading the first page.

Also, depending how far afield you are willing to go, there is The Centre for Family Medicine in Kitchener. They offer ADHD screening and treatment:


I’ve never been there myself (forget even how I stumbled across them) but they list Totally ADD and CADDRA as recommended ADHD websites, so they obviously have good taste. ;)