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Re: Adderall made me crazy!

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when my md said concerta and i tried it …it was insane then they said adderall and i said LOW and hey did 10 mg twice a day and the only bad effect has been headache for first month but increase water intake and encourage excercise and it goes away and then basically it has heightened my anxiety but my anxiety has always been a bit nuts….I def agree with the others…not to be rude but the title is harsh bc if u doubled the dose and it was XR..XR is extended release..if it worked a bit with one XR they can give u some regular adderall for evenings of break through bc u doubling will throw you head in a whirl…..i say give it a try again but either do regular adderall so can control it if u can do multiple bill things vs XR which are caplets only….im on regyular now but my schedule is too hectic so we are discussing the XR to help between my schedule….but for now i usually do 10 in AM and then 5 mg in evening especially if im not doing anything school wise…..it helps me alot. but im using it bc IM ADHD and im EXTREMLY HYPER off it and that calms me down ALOT …it saved my life seriously