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Re: Adderall not working as well 6 weeks later?

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OK Guys,

What is the deal here with all the posts about caffeine? I had undiagnosed AD/HD for years and lived on caffeine. Now my Ritalin has given me a life, period. Basically I never even had one before and now I do. I too wake up and actually get out of bed in the morning. I still do not function at 100% and maybe never will. I can deal with that. I have two sons who were in speech therapy for four years each. They finally “graduated” at 80%. They still do not pronounce their “R’s” very well but people understand them now. That’s the beauty of it. I had to give up the lightening fast mind that could produce spectacular rhymes in a split second but I am now making decisions that are mature. It isn’t fun to realize I’m a grown up (a 46 year old one too!!) but at least I am now able to contribute to my family as a grown up.

With the caffeine though….I am wondering….I had my “awakening” back on May 25th and since then I have cut back on my Ativan intake by half and shortly after that I gave up a pretty bad smoking habit (nicotine). I was drinking lots of Gatorade and other sports drinks since I get dehydrated easily and the summer has been hot. For about 3 weeks now I have begun to drink coffee in the am and I’m slowly picking up the pace on caffeine drinks again. I have noticed that I’m going through emotional roller coasters or sometimes feeling nothing at all. I am beginning to have trouble with multi-tasking. Is there some kind of weird link?? My husband is always telling me I shouldnt drink so much caffeine or have so much sugar. Is the link between AD/HD and caffeine or is it between the meds and caffeine? The serotonin thing also…..I have absolutely no measurable serotonin in my body so I take a mega dose of Cymbalta WHICH also has norepinephrine …another chemical mentioned.

What do you guys think? Something for a Dr. To figure out? If so, which one? If you can think of anything I would greatly appreciate it.

P.S……My Dr. Said it was normal for all of us on meds to feel a let down when our meds run out on us. Simply being human cuz we don’t won’t to lose the edge the meds give us. He believes that learning different coping strategies helps with this. Like I mentioned earlier meditating is great and someone mentioned exercise as a form of moving meditation and you bet it is!! It’s actually a GREAT form of meditating! Good luck to all!!