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Re: Adderall not working as well 6 weeks later?

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I have a long history of a love-hate relationship with coffee/caffinated beverages. when i was just about to begin grad school i started getting panic attacks, and one of the major triggers seemed to be coffee. for 2-3 years i was super cautious about ingesting caffeine trying to avoid these attacks. it was a huge struggle getting through the early years of grad school without anything stronger than black tea as a stimulant. then i started experimenting with decaf frapaccinos and was ok. one day they made me a regular frap by accident and i decided to try it. i was ok, so the ban was lifted. from then , my use of coffee/tea/cola/energy drinks would go up and down – sometimes extreme amounts, sometimes detoxing from it – depending on my circumstances.

i also have had progressively worse headaches- both frequency and intensity- over the years (though with some reprieve during pregnancy). i was concerned because i had heard some people get headaches with the stimulant meds. what a pleasant surprise when not only did i not get ha from the med – my headaches actually improved! since taking the adderall i no longer have daily headaches, and when i do get them they are not nearly as bad as i used to get – and not even a caffeine withdrawal headache. i’ve only had one really bad in the last 3 weeks or so since starting this new med and it was hormone cycle related.

but i also really understand the desire to add caffeine into the mix, i really do. even with the adderall active in my system, i still will feel like i need an extra boost, especially when faced with extensive paperwork…..like i will need to be doing later today…and am dreading….

but the fear of having another anxiety attack (like i had the first day i had a cup of coffee with the adderall in my system) stops me.

kind of makes me wonder if i am indeed on the right dose and/or if this is the right med for me….idk…..i don’t want to sound ungrateful as what i am taking right now has already made a drastic difference in how i function. just some things are still more of a struggle than i think it should be, you know? well, guess i’ll just stick with what i’m doing for now, see how it goes over the next few weeks or so.

and dbacs thank you so much for that info. even more reasons to avoid the (very strong!) temptation to add caffeine into the mix.