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Yes, I am a government librarian and used to cook for a living (trained at college for a year). I couldn’t continue with the latter as restaurant work requires an excellent memory, ability to repeat actions ad nauseam and day after day, and consistency above all other things. I like my work as I do everything in the library so it is not as repetitious as it would be if I were a specialist, say a cataloguer.

I manage my IC with diet alone. I am treating my Crohn’s though. I flare up for a number of reasons so I am reluctant to blame the Adderall XR for one case. I would certainly stop if frequency jumped above the norm. I had to give up coffee/tea for the IC. Caffeinated drinks are a major no-no in the IC diet. I had to give up Black teas anyways as I have to be on a low oxalate diet because of the Crohn’s.