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yay! someone on this board is an admin like me and is GOOD at it!!

ok, i’ve been medicated with adderall XR for one complete year now. i too am an admin asst. and also felt that the overwhelming feeling i would have seeing the load of work i had to complete, diminished the moment i started taking the medication. so yeah, the meds help me feel less anxious and less vulnerable to emotional breakdowns at work…. but then came the part of learning how to manage my time, prioritize tasks, remembering things i have to do and give myself a pat on the back when a job was completed.

first things first…. the tools you’ll need to get yourself on track:

*an appointment book calendar tool. i have one that has each week laid out over two pages with the days broken down into times. like this one (http://www.ataglance.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product3_10052_10002_130423_-1_false_10052). when it is communicated to me to do something at a certain time on a certain day…. i immediately write in that book first. it is small enough to carry with me at all times, and have at my desk. i draw a thick dark line after 5:00pm (b/c that’s what time i leave work) and under that line for each day i go along and write the things that are asked of me to do throughout the day that are not appointment based (general admin duties). once the item is complete i scratch it out.

doing this will help you look over the list and prioritize what it is you have going on throughout the day.

e.g.- Bob comes in asks you to make 500 copies of a memo that needs to go out by 12:00 the next day, and Sue comes in with a letter that needs to be drafted by 2:00pm that same day… this two tasks upon a mountain of over work, you simply…..

look at what you are doing right now. can those tasks wait, or do they need to be done at a certain time like Bob’s and Sue’s request? if they can be put on hold- write them down under your daily requested tasks (the thick dark line)…. and complete Sue’s request first. Turn it in. Do Bob’s request. Turn it in to him…. then go about the other tasks.

another thing is to always get a definite time people need things by. this allows you the opportunity to under promise and over deliver. and will help you prioritize what needs to be completed first.

one of my biggest problems was that i would not ask people when they needed something by and i would work on filing stuff or writing letters, when something else was more pressing and i’d no idea it was. ALWAYS ask. and if they don’t have a time… set one. they need a letter typed up…. one hour. and do it in 30 minutes. under promise, over deliver.

and if i may be so bold as to tell you to use the google calendar for home, or separate one for work, i think would be best… only b/c then you are way too into making sure everything is entered in to the calendar, rather than being focused on WHAT is on it and what needs to get done.

*egg timer: or a stopwatch or whatever can give you a signal that certain time has passed. this will help you keep on point with your deadlines. but you have to be mindful not to get aggravated or annoyed if you are interrupted by someone while you’re timing yourself doing something. allow your self room for flexibility and interruptions, b/c as an admin… i don’t believe there is ever down time.

*a mental sharpener: is there a hobby that you like to do that can be done in the break room or your desk for less than 15 minutes?

eg. i like knitting, so i knit at my desk while i’m on break. i also like puzzles so i take a small to do in the break room or on my desk. reading a book, reading magazines…. anything that will take you away from your computer or other electronic devices.

we adders need rewards and those breaks (which i recommend taking about every 2 hours) helps us veer from our wondering ways and space cadetness. when you start to find yourself unfocused on a task you are trying to complete, that is the best time for you to get up and go for a walk, or go read, or knit, or whatever…. then come back to what you were doing.

secondly, read up on the actual skill of managing your time better. this really isn’t something that is an official class in grade school (wish it was). here is a great breakdown of the many time management tools and such that are out there. it describes on of my most favorite ways to prioritize things…. The Eisenhower Method (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Time_management#Techniques_for_setting_priorities), plus it briefly discusses time management and ADD.

don’t get too preoccupied with tasks lists. try not to ‘leave things for tomorrow’. doing those two things is like setting excuses as to why you didn’t get those tasks done… and honestly it’s lame. hahahahaha

lastly, remember that one of the most valuable tools you have is being present. practice recognizing when you’re becoming bored with a task you are doing and either tell yourself you’ll take a break once a certain aspect is completed, or just go take one immediately and return to the item.

and this is something you can do in your personal life as well. if you have any other Q’s i’m on FB. send me a msg.


good luck!