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I just joined this great site… LOVE the videos … they KEEP my attention!

I just want to let everyone know about a problem I had with Adderall XR: I now have Interstitial Cystitis due to this WONDERFUL med. I loved what it did for my way overbusy brain… but it killed my bladder. It took 6 doctors to make the discovery but finally, an incredible urologist in Philadelphia, PA figured it out. Due to the pain, it also created a pelvic floor problem and vulvadynia… I “took to my bed” every night after work so the muscles of the pelvic floor got weaker and weaker … so here I am… ADHD; can’t take stimulants and in almost constant pain… which only adds to my distractibility! ARGH…

I am not giving up, though. When I have made a better recovery (MUST do the PT exercises… when I remember… <sigh>) I want to try Concerta which the urologist says is more “bladder friendly”.

Let me say that Adderall XR was a wonderful drug for me EXEPT the “bladder thing”. It might be fine with most people, but just stay alert to the possible signs of bladder trouble. I also drank coffee on top of taking the Adderall (1 12oz cup), so that might have had something to do with it, I don’t know. This med worked so well for me, I wrote 5 grants that year and was awarded 4 of them. I cleaned my house, made every appointment on time and was starting to write a book… but now, my house is a mess, my car looks like a homeless person lives in it and I spend more time looking for my keys, ID badge, credit cards etc. than I do using them. I DID, however write one grant last year and received it, so I’m not a total loss…

BTW: If I had had a more understanding Family Doc, I probably would have realized months earlier of the problem, but her response when I suggested I get checked for ADHD? “Oh, yeah, you have ADD, I have ADD, everyone has ADD.” I had to DEMAND an evaluation from a neurologist. If she would have taken better care of me on my monthly visits for more meds, she would have asked me questions like “Do you notice anything different?” and I would have said “Ya know, I have to use the bathroom more often or I feel like I have cramps all the time”… But no… We had to play this “I-don’t-really-believe-you-have-this-“ADD”-thing,-but-if-you-say-so”… game.

I now have a new family doctor.

Stay vigilant and don’t let anyone, ESPECIALLY your doctors make fun, belittle or tease you about having ADHD. I didn’t find out till I was 48 years old. I spent the next year “re-thinking” my whole life. NOW it all makes sense! What a relief!