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On Adderall XR – 2 months


– One pill

– slower fall-off – no headaches/pressure

– Don’t know how healthy this is but I experienced some relevant weight loss – 15lbs – from 175 lbs to averaging around 160 over a month.


– the longer I take it, the less it is effective – had to regularly increase dosage.

– some anxiety during initial release spike

– sleep problems even when taking it early morning

Good old fashioned Dexedrine keeps my attentiveness on the task at hand better, but I have to initiate/stimulate the beginning of the task. I’m supposed to be working now, but I’m into this damn forum again. Dex has that sharp fall-off when at your maximum dose, but it’s nothing too bothersome. No anxiety on dex, only slight euphoria/pick-me-up. I’m tossed between the two.