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I started 10 mg of Adderall XR yesterday. Concerta was causing me to be sleepy and unfocused even more than usual. What a difference the Adderall is making. It feels like a dose of caffeine throughout the entire day. I am able to get back to a though much easier, although not immediately, and memory seems to be the same or slightly improved. On second day now and other than needing to keep fluids up, it has been good so far.

Does anyone know if Adderall can affect mood? My dysthymia seems reduced, but this could be placebo.

@2Raddled sorry to hear about the interstitial cystitis (IC). I suffer from that prior to starting Adderall along with mild Crohn’s, which must mean my immune system is confused, with flares up happening multiple times throughout the year. So far the Adderall hasn’t triggered anything. Mind you, I am only on day two and at a low dose of 10 mg. Diet is probably the MOST important way of controlling IC. Elmiron is used as well, but it takes months to see an effect, if any, and is expensive. Apparently while Dex or Adderall is being marketed as a treatment for IC in some circles others are claiming it leads to flare ups. I guess it depends what is causing the IC in the first place for the person.