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Fernando, the info & link you posted on our apparent subtype of ADHD were really validating—thanks. I’ve also found a very good article (blog post) by Gina Pera about this issue:


Its passage about students with this problem who found it “necessary to re-read passages multiple times in order to comprehend” hits straight home for me. I loved the learning aspects of university, still collect piles of books on my favorite topics, and can spend hours researching on the Web. My career is completely based on my literacy skills. But ironically, reading has always been a very hard slog for me in terms of speed, and school was all about late and unfinished assignments despite top marks for the work I did accomplish.

Since discovering that Concerta helps me take in material up to four times faster, I’ve become much more proficient at work. And I’ve had to wrestle with so much regret over how different my academic path would have been had I been able to work at a normal speed. I would absolutely have aimed for medical school had I known about my ADHD and been given medication in my teens and 20’s. (As an aside, now that my children’s father is refusing to allow meds for my son—whose favorite book is anatomy of the human body for kids—I’m reliving this regret. *sigh*)