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Thanks Dr. J. The Concerta is not generic as per the instructions on the rx from the doctor and from what my pharmacist says. The bottle says Concerta and the pills themselves have ‘alza 18’ printed on them.

Even before the Concerta, and for a while now, I have suffered from chronic sinusitis and, from what I read, this condition can lead to drowsiness and fatigue. I have my SECOND sinus surgery scheduled for November 10th. I was thinking that I was feeling down and low on energy because of an infection and this morning it was pretty much confirmed that I do have an infection since I woke up feeling like Mike Tyson was using my face as a punching bag while I was sleeping.

I guess this just shows the importance of having a full medical evaluation to treat any other medical conditions that might be aggrevating symptoms. I believe the infection is playing a role in the drop in energy over the past couple of days and I look forward to the surgery. Chronic sinusitis SUCKS. I still want to reduce the Fluoxetine though.