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Well it seems as though the aggression has gone away but I am noticing that after being very depressed yesterday I am VERY mellow today. I am reminded of when I used to smoke weed when I was younger and feel spaced out and just very lethargic and mellow. It is to the point where I have no motivation to do much and just want to lounge around and do nothing.

I found a chart on the CADDRA website (see link below) that shows that Concerta increases the effects of SSRI. The chart also shows that antibacterial medication should be avoided and I am currently taking Novamoxin 500MG 3x per day. I am feeling really drowsy and just out of it and I am also sweating A LOT. These are symptoms that I remember feeling when I started the SSRI and went away in time but these past 3 days have been really bad.

I won’t be taking the 54 mg of Concerta tomorrow but will go back to the 36 mg dose until I see the doctor. I could not get a hold of the prescribing doctor today and won’t be able to talk to anyone until Monday so if someone has more info on this, or could suggest something, I would appreciate it.