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Good evening! I just read this discussion (it took me 90 minutes!) and almost feel like crying … It describes so well how I feel. The extreme fatigue both mental and physical, the randown and sluggish feeling, the running mind, etc. I’ve just been diagnosed and I’m on the trial process to find the right medication for me. I tried Concerta up to 90 mg and it doesn’t do anything. I just started Adderall 10 mg. I usually wake up feeling ok but the symptoms strike me about 1 to 2 hours after and for the rest of the day. I most of the time eat very well and take Omega 3. I’ve tried meditation, yoga, exercise, etc but it’s almost impossible! It wears me out more than anything. I’m able to walk outside every 2-3 days. Thank you all so much for writing. I could not have write it but I relate to it. Let’s hope I’ll be able to write like this when the medication kicks in. ciao fow now.