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Re: ADHD and Gender Identity ??

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Gary, I would say that ADD isn’t necessarily related, I’ve never heard of them connected.

I DID see a question related to that on one of the tests I took under the neuro-psychologist, however, when I asked him about some of those questions, and how they related to ADD, his response was that they are NOT related to ADD – but ARE related to similar “conditions” that may mimic ADD, or go along with ADD, but are not caused by it, or directly related. The reason those questions were there, according to the neuro-psychologist was to RULE OUT other things that might be causing ADD-like symptoms.

Therefore, I’d personally conclude (NOT A PROFESSIONAL ANSWER!) that if you have gender doubts, it’s not because of ADD or related to, but that you’d have such doubts ADD or not in your life.

PERSONALLY, I would find someone who does know how to deal with such things. Since you say you have struggled with it pretty much all your life, then it’s not a fleeting thought like a lot of folks have.

If you want my free, unsolicited thought on it, call it “personal advice” if you wish, as it’s not professional, do see someone to talk with at a professional level – find a psychologist, psychiatrist, whatever, and deal with that gender ID issue – and DO tell them about the ADD and anything else, too. I’d expect that they would be the best bet, as they’d have worked with a lot of folks with gender identity questions or struggles, and could more accurately let you know any relationship with other “conditions”.

Good luck, There is no reason you should have to live with such questions for the rest of your life. You need to do what’s right for you so that you can continue to lead a happier more filled life. If that requires a resolution to this issue you face, then get the right assistance.

I really have no idea – is there such a thing as support groups for that area??

You seem like a person with a good head on your shoulders, pretty logical and together –