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Re: ADHD exam scam?

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I’m not actually done with appointments, this week was supposed to be the feedback appointment (after two previous ones, including testing), but since I have some sleep issues, both the ADD psych and my doc want a sleep study before they’ll do anything. Although the psych said it’s definitely ADD, he won’t be doing the final report yet, which is what my doc needs to go forward with treatment. The future office visits with the psych are all covered under provincial health insurance.

KrazyKat, that’s fast! and I’ll be your son is relieved to know he’s still in the program. I can relate as a former undergraduate music student (hons in performance) – nobody knew at that time that I had ADD so I never completed studies. I’m not complaining, as I had a pretty interesting life, but I had no clear direction and was pretty much on my own.