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Re: ADHD exam scam?

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I don’t know what province you are in KrazyKat but when we lived in Ontario (London), pigpen was seen at the Learning Clinic to monitor progress and to individualize her learning plan. They also conducted their own testing even with a report from a Alberta psychologist because they felt that it was better to start fresh. When she was first assessed in Alberta (Red Deer) her assessments for learning disabilities was done by a School Board hired Psychologist. He administered the testing that proved that she had a learning disability that needed accommodation. Every school board and province is different but they all usually have something in place to tailor the learning process to their individual strengths. Pigpen was reading at a grade 12 level by grade 5 but she struggled with even the easiest math concepts. Her impulsiveness made it hard for her to finish work because she was being rewarded for incomplete work with extra computer time for fast, no necessarily right or thorough. All of her accommodations were written down on her IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and they follow her in her file. They also help set targets for tailoring the work to her.