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Re: ADHD families can be good!

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Patte Rosebank
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Skunks are really cute animals. There’s one who lives under my parents’ barn. They call it “Petunia”. (The skunk, not the barn.) I once saw a family of them crossing the road out there. They were all in a straight line, bouncing along, just like Pepe Le Pew.

Skunks aren’t the only wildlife living at my parents’ place. There are raccoons living in the top of the barn. Once, when I stayed overnight in my old room, I was awakened by four little ones, peeking in my window and watching me. Then I heard a chattering from their mom, and three of them quickly scampered off, but the fourth kept watching me until its mother called it again (I never knew a raccoon could sound just as exasperated as a human parent), and then it very reluctantly left.

And once, a partridge, blitzed out of its mind on the rotten wild apples that lay all over the ground, flew right into my parents’ dining room window, shattering it. The poor bird was so badly injured that Dad had to do a mercy killing. Evilly, my brother and I named the bird “Danny”. We suggested cooking & eating him, because wild partridge is a delicacy, but Mom was horrified at the idea, so Dad dragged Danny into the forest, so the other wild animals could dine on him…which is what happens to animals that die in the wild.