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Re: ADHD folks clustering in jobs

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Soduko anyone? ……. That’s one that drives me nuts. I was good in math etc… and loved that, but this game is SOOOOO tedious for me – I totally relate to jeneticallymodified – short “rewarding” games are my favourites too.

As for clustering in jobs: that was my experience and it makes sense that some, (rewarding for those with some ADD), jobs, would work out that way.

Another area for “clustering” may be certain recreational clubs. I am volunteering at a boat shop which restores wooden boats as well as work with kids at risk to build a boat. The work gets done but I think we all appreciate the opportunity to jump from one project to another : 3 boats to work on and boat kits to complete. If you get bored with one, simply move onto the other. There is no rigid schedule but with summer approaching we want to get these boats into the water – self inflicted schedule.

If you’re in the Greater Toronto area and think this is up your alley let me know we could use more people with ADD!!