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Re: ADHD Genetic Connection Found

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The parameters of the study were very narrow, and among other things, stated that it did not include information on ethnicities; clearly, we are a long way from any definitive answers. The positive spin is that the discussions and the studies are taking place, because someone gave their data a little nudge to get the ball rolling.

In the article, Peter Burbach was quoted as saying “This is not a structural abnormality in the brain, it’s just the last phase of development that’s gone wrong,” he said. “It could be the brain just needs to be fine-tuned.” Note that the article states that he was NOT a part of the Lancet research; perhaps he is basing his information on his own research, which likely takes a broader perspective

From the same article: “… Peter Burbach, a professor of molecular neuroscience at University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands, was surprised some of the genetic defects found for ADHD were identical to ones for autism and schizophrenia. He was not connected to the Lancet research. “There’s a great chance the environment is modifying these genes,” Burbach said, adding the genes could lead to several brain disorders, depending on things like the child’s upbringing and other genetic factors.”

Let’s see how this continues to unfold …