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Re: Am I an anomaly here?

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I am so sorry to hear about your Son.

I think it was Billd that properly mentioned that things may not be getting worse, you are now just finally taking action on the affects ADHD has on your lives. I think it is important to remember that ADHD at times can be a problem. It is also a gift as many authors have stated. I believe that in order to make it no longer a problem you have to look at all the things it does positively in your life. I am a 26 year old male. I have sat down with myself and have wrote pages and pages about all of the good things I do. All of the good thing ADHD does for me. Than I wrote all of the bad things down. I found once I have them on paper. I can actually SEE the problems. It is one thing for people without ADHD to say they have a problem and than just deal with it. I find for myself I need to have it right in front of me and than I can deal with it more accordingly.

I can not speak for any of you above. I know that we all have our struggles personally with ADHD and we all have our struggles as a whole. I may be younger but I have the same issues as all of you. I have been diagnosed since I was 7 years old. I have been on/off meds. Tried diets, excercise and all the shit in between.

My latest “invention” on dealing with ADHD goes like this:

Lets just pick one of the many problems. Memory Loss

Ok over the years I probably lost 40 shirts, 15 pairs of shorts, 23 pairs of jeans. Pens, Pencils, Dogs, Phones, Cars ( yes I said cars) I know that is a bit much.

So What Do I do about this problem.

1. I write down the problem. ie. forgetting my phone in the car.

2. What can I do with my life to help me remember my phone

3. I can write it down in my notebook but I may forget to look in it. So this won’t work.

4. What if I leave my phone inbetween my legs.

5. What if I leave it on my leg and that way I feel it there and will not forget it.

You see now that I have written down a solution and really looked at it than I can actually try and do it.

If I had of just thought all of this than I would forget about it.

This takes time to do and may be annoying to a lot of people. My mind is relaxed when I am doing this because of my medication. If I was not on my meds I could never sit down and do this.