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Re: Am I an anomaly here?

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Hello. I’m brand new to these blogs and reading like mad. I was attracted to your title about being an anomaly because I’m not certain I have what is collectively known as ADD yet. I’m trying to take the logical steps but since I’m 50 and male – – well I kinda keep talking to myself the way one wrote about their family doctor. If you’ve been able to get this far fairly successfully, why aren’t you just you? I think most of you probably know how heavy that 500 pound gorilla on your shoulders really is and what it’s done to your self esteem all these years. I’ve been divorced and hurt important people in my life. And most recently, I’ve had a boss that could see through me like none other… wrote me up and counseled me for 6 months. Threatened to fire me. I first explored issues of sleep deprivation and found I was suffering some sleep apnea issues. That has helped with memory some, but it certainly isn’t all of it. And now… I’ve re-married and am adopting two wonderful little girls, one who as sprightly and delightful as she is, has been a handful and started acting out in school. (kindergarten and first grade) And now with the threat of her being “fired” we’ve sought counseling and she’s been diagnosed. I can no longer deny how much of me I see in her but have been confounded by the lack of “hyper” in my life until recently discovering the “inattentive sub type.” Now I have the box that I mostly fit into and must get out there and try to do something about it. My iPhone has been an awesome tool for keeping lists and reminders. Can’t live without it. Al lthe more reason to try meds I guess. Now my son from my first marriage, now in college, is thinking he has similar issues. (sigh) What I would have thought of as making excuses for oneself is rapidly becoming a real set of symptoms for me. Thank GOD for having seen this video on PBS. I’ve loved Red Green for years but never would’ve guessed why. Perhaps some “language” exists within this humor that we all pick up on sub-consciously??? (Okay – now I’ve written something I better make that appointment!)