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Re: Am I an anomaly here?

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I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your son. I work with primarily with 6 to 7 year olds in special ed (but I will let a few ‘old’ 8 year olds sneak in) and I always worry that one of my little ones might not make it back the next year. (I have two students that I now carry around in my heart.)

Anyway, age does affect us. I’m shortly going to be 56 and I noticed a big change to my ‘faculties’ when the hormones departed. :?

Just today I was in to see the doctor on my way home from school. She had ordered an EKG and the nurse had put a copy of it in my file. My doctor looked at it and then to me and said, “Did I order this????” I laughed and told her that she indeed had and only 1 week ago when I saw her last.

I winked at her and told her not to worry, her forgetfulness was safe with me as long as my forgetfulness was safe with her. We’ve been together as doctor/patient for many, many years and have passed through many of the milestones of womenhood together!