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Re: Ampakine CX1739? over the counter nootropics?

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I’ve tried piracetam, aniracetam, and phenylpiracetam. All had some effect in helping with some aspects of ADD. It’s a really subtle and hard to describe effect mostly felt in areas of socialization and organizing my thoughts. While not necessarily making me super organized and purpose driven like ritalin and adderall, they seem to increase creativity and an ability to focus the creativity. The best way to put it is this, they help, the effects are subtle but an improvement as opposed to the heavy handedness of an amphetamine or methylphenidate.

I’ve recently ordered centrophenoxine and pramiracetam to see how I respond to these. I think so far aniracetam seems to be somewhat suited for ADD since it also seems to be an effective anxiolytic. Phenylpiracetam and noopept may also be beneficial for ADD. Since phenylpiracetam is so expensive, I didn’t play with the dosage too much. I haven’t tried noopept yet, but I would like to see how it helps me get rid of many aspects of my learned helplessness from growing up with ADD and a very emotionally abusive mother. Noopept has shown efficacy in treating rats with learned helplessness.

As far as AMPA, aniracetam has been shown to modulate AMPA receptors. I’m not aware of any research showing AMPA effects from the other racetams but wouldn’t be surprised if many of the racetams have activity there.

Finally, the cholinergics such as DMAE, CDP-choline, and Alpha-GPC have shown some efficacy in research and anecdotally in helping ADD alone. They are usually necessary with the racetams to prevent side effects from acetylcholine depletion I suppose. I believe AMPA, cholinergics, and racetams do hold a lot of potential for providing non-controlled substance way of treating ADD. However, the dosing and combination will be tricky from individual to individual.