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Re: Anger due to the differences between severe and mild sufferers

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Active post or what????? Librarian_chef…..you got a cooker here!!! Opinions, emotion….gift, impairment, high IQ, low IQ….angry, happy, ambivalent…..Whew……………. too much………..but stimulating none the less.

Time for “Anecdotal Corner”….. maybe???

Where we can attain common ground maybe is…. that we are all present in the world. We maybe can agree we also all have a vision which we each can claim as our reality. As I understand it, our vision develops over time (a lifetime actually) starting at infancy……..the older we become, the more embedded and complicated that vision can be. Some of our vision is derived from our parents vision, some from our external environment, some from just circumstance, needless to say, if that is true…. every person’s vision is quite likely, unique, and flawed onto it’s self. Our emotions and how we respond, adapt and adjust to that vision will likely be just as unique as our perception and, our interpretation of our reality….yes???

Our brain (to my understanding) continues to take in new information constantly, (vision, taste smell etc etc) and balances that new information against what is already stored, and reshuffles and organizes that together with the previously stored information, into comfortable patterns for us, based on our vision of our reality. In the end….we tend to put these pieces of our puzzle together differently…..all of us, because we all have our own vision and reality, through which we filter and organize and categorize that which is new and existing into comfortable manageable segments.

Maybe for some rigidity is a trap of sorts, and maybe doubt is an enemy too….who knows. Some people may not be comfortable with flexibility and only prefer to use a small sample of information to determine their vision/reality and attain comfort……I don’t know…….maybe??? What life experience does tells me is, some folks share their vision and their reality emphatically…. as if it is a universal truism??? More information or pieces, or changing information can be contrary, too chaotic. For me….. I view either way as fine, I embrace new information and don’t mind the chaotic……. for others…..????? I also don’t have problem with emphatic views….I don’t need to really do anything about or with that……..other’s views are theirs……who am I to judge and try convince another to adopt my vision….it’s mine, I am comfortable with it…..it works for me today……who knows what new information I will take in and have to assimilate tomorrow…….it may all change in the blink of an eye……….maybe????

All i know is my life, my reality, and my story (so far) works for me………..at this minute (there have been highs and lows for sure)…….. today. How I view, and what I share is just that, my view, nothing more…..if people find it upsetting, or controversial… it is not for me to make it comfortable for them. They have choices that I cannot and would not impede if I could. It is not my place…..

Thanks L_chef for the stimulation……..