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Re: Another one bites the dust.

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This is the longest I’ve worked ANY PLACE – 7.5 years.

Prior, the longest was 7 – self-employed farmer, next longest was a bit over 6 years – IT and computer design at CCC, and on down…..

I’m bored with this one, starting to irritate folks, and frankly, many there irritate me, and so constantly spend all their time breaking rules, skirting security, pirating music and movies, etc. I can hardly stand to be around them. In our own department we have someone who takes credit for things I and my team leader do, takes all day to setup a printer than should take 1 hour, finds ways to get extra hours and cheat the system, I just can’t stand it.

I have to prove everything I say to the boss as this guy is constantly trying to prove his worth by sneaky means.

He just automatically tries to find ways to get rid of things I’ve set up over the years. Even if it’s the best solution, because he didn’t propose it, or because I did, he tries to tell the boss it needs to go or be replaced as he has better ways. The boss is such a sucker, he believes it.

I’ve got answers to a lot of the issues with our network, but because I can’t show “how I got there”, I’m not believed.

I know the issues with the newly upgraded security servers are in large part due to network issues with the SQL server, but I can’t document or prove it – it’ just something I know as I see the pattern others can’t – or won’t – see.

I need a new job really badly.