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Re: Answering sceptics – a question for Rick

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You know something? I think your approach is a great way to handle those situations Rick. In fact, having come from a fundamentalist religious background (and now out of it) I’m painfully aware of the frustrations of a closed mindset. You’re right – there’s no real argument you can advance that will in any way convince those who are adamant that their’s is the only valid viewpoint.

So asking for empirical evidence (regarding this or any other subject) is probably the only way to go. Frankly, I’ve been astounded by the heat that’s come from otherwise intelligent people when the subject of ADHD comes up. The blog you posted (which Larynxa pointed out – thanks Larynxa!) has a few of the questions you mentioned in your workshop that I remembered. I think I can rhyme off about six or seven of the eighteen symptoms, so…..time to start memorizing! :)

Dr. J. – I LOVED your story!! Wish I could have been there to see it. Would have been better of course if Tom Cruise was there to make the accusation. If there’s such a thing as reincarnation, maybe the gods will be good and bring him back as a nurturing mother – with 23 kids and all kinds of post partum depression to go with them…..thus satisfying the leveling requirements of karma.