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Re: Anxiety or ADHD

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In my darkest times I still feel motivated to cook. It’s actually when things are going well that I don’t like to waste too much time preparing meals. I think this is because when I am feeling at my best, I don’t like to waste the evening. There’s nothing like a excellent meal and a glass or two of wine to make me lose the motivation to do anything else.

There are many one pan dishes where the leftovers can be kept for other days. I nearly always cook two to three times as much as we need for one meal. Dishes like rice risottos can be made in about 45mins from scratch in just one large pan. You don’t need much meat and you can add all kinds of fresh and frozen vegetables.

Us Brits are lucky with our baked beans on toast. In the US baked beans are only usually served with BBQ. There’s also the knife and fork issue that makes eating anything on toast difficult for Americans 😉