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Re: Anybody else feel like a zombie???

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I also took Biphentin . I started at 30 ( if I remember correctly) because the generic Ritalin had been more or less working at that dose.But I never felt either of them had quite enough kick so to speak. I went up to 40 mg of the Biphentin and I felt totally wired – and not in a good way. I was as if I’d had 20 cups of coffee on one hand combined with that oozie hangover feeling. SO not going there again.

Now on 20mg SR of the Ritalin which I’m supposed to boost with 10 mg if needed. THere’s something about the 20 mg tablet I think that’s giving me heartburn. SO today decided maybe go back to 10mg 3 x a day and cut my losses. Just took my first tablet so will have to see how it goes today.

I’m reluctant to take the Concerta though because of the anxiety feelings it brought on – the reason I stopped taking it in the first place.

Hate to say I’m getting fed up with the trial and error but I am. When the medications do work there is this great feeling of clarity just not sure why they don’t keep working that way. The first two weeks with the COncerta were great and I thought that was going to be it , then all of the side-effects started to come on plus I felt a loss of effectiveness. I will have to bring that blog article with me to my next doctor visit.