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Re: Anybody else feel like a zombie???

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Just to update all you nice people who are helping me out here…

On Tuesday, the effect had gotten so bad that I physically could not stay awake. This after a wonderful night’s sleep. The hubby was really worried about me. That was after taking only the first dose in the morning. Guess it’s just not the right one. It’s back to the Adderall for me. I just can’t hang with this drug.

Is ritalin for ADDers with more of the hyperactivity component? I can totally see it working for that. I have some hyperactivity, but not like my brother did, and it worked for him, well until he became allergic to it.

Turns out I was taking the adderall wrong, anyway. I had resumed it after being off of it for a few weeks, at the full dose, and didn’t think to tell the doc, who is now (rightfully so) watching me like a hawk. DUH! I didn’t even think that I may have needed to slowly step up to the dose. At the lowest dose of adderall today, and I’m much better.

Thanks for all the help. This website is the best!!!