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Re: Anybody else feel like a zombie???

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@no_dopamine…Talk with your doc about this, but salads. Lots and lots of salads with as little dressing as you can get away with (I usually only do a tbsp. or so). Plus this low-fat thing my surgeon has me on works well.

Off the medication, and on this diet, I lost a good six pounds in just a couple of weeks. That’s with 0 exercise, unless pain counts. I could have burned tons there.

I also use a website called “www.myfitnesspal.com.” It has a great calorie tracker and you can friend others like in facebook, so you can cheer one another on. Helps with the cheating, too. My hubby, who is on the same diet, because of his cholesterol, and I both have dropped about 15lbs. in about four months. Not bad.

The downside is that it doesn’t teach you about good nutrition, but there is lots of info on the internet for that. Lots of leafy greens, yogurt, and minimize simple sugars. This is including juices…you get nothing from the juice. All the vitamins are in the pulp and skin, so go for the whole fruit, instead. However, I’ve been able to have the occasional beer, and it hasn’t been a problem. If you keep with the less heavy ones, it’s alright occasionally.

Oh, and I don’t care what you heard on TV. Don’t take a day off from the diet. I was doing that and it was killing me. That and frozen custard. Frozen yogurt is a good substitute, though, and I don’t miss the custard.