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Re: Anybody else feel like a zombie???

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Hi John

It sounds like you have developed some good ‘control’ skills.

Munchkin has a good point though. I am still messing around with my Ritalin dose but I have discovered if I take a 20 mg pill I feel like a complete zombie. I can’t function at all. So at the moment I take 10 mg three or four times a day depending on what the day has in store for me. I use the fast acting stuff.

That dose works for me (at the moment) and it just makes me feel less fidgety and less like a kid that wants to go and play (I am in my late 40s!).

Also I think it is completely brilliant for my snappy temper – it really helps me regulate it.

Of course everyone is different but what Munchkin says about lowering the dose is right – at least in my experience. You just need to play to get the optimum. Although the fast release drugs are a pain because you have to remember to take them, you do have flexibility with timings and altering the dose to suit the occasion.