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Re: Anyone not on medication?

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I was off meds for 23 years and only started them again last year or so. I was similar to your case, Niksoh2, in that I seemed to get by “alright.” That being said, as my job pressures mounted and home life became more stressful and chaotic, e.g. two kids, I found that I was not able to maintain the coping mechanisms that I had developed as they required an almost ritualistic adherence to be effective.

Are the meds helping? They are helping my tasks at work get done, but it is sometimes problematic if I get sidetracked as now I find I lock in my attention (i.e. perserverate or hyperfocus) without realizing it on secondary or unrelated tasks and it takes me longer to extract myself, when I can. I will have to say that in many ways my job is ill suited for someone with ADHD, but I have altered it as much as possible to accommodate my issues.

I agree with WGreen in that it is just as important to ensure that your symptoms are not impacting those around you and not just look inward as one might conclude that everything was fine while others see it differently.