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Re: Asperger vs ADHD, what's the biggest difference?

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Ivriniel, I’m going through a lot of things right now, my life’s on the edge and I really need to figure out what’s wrong with me. I knew from a long time that I needed assistance from a psy, but I always saw them as living dictionnary : they are there to help yourself find out what you have, because I always thought we have our own solution, it’s just hidden by our ignorance. Sorry, but I have an obsession to find out what I have. I just can’t go to sleep. I know I’m different, I just don’t want to go the wrong way.

I saw my school counselor who commonly see student with learning disability and she told me I had ADD. She’s no specialist but she still have seen a lot of student like me… She told me that my kind of ADD, if treated correctly bring the highest change in life and huge potential, it gave me hope, something I lost a long time ago. Next semester I’ll take an optionnal class for those who have attention or learning disability. The course is given by a neurolog.

I do need to self-diagnosed. I begin my master degree in the next week, mostly working at home and don’t want to fuck thing up. Already did too many times and it cost me a lot with friends, school capability, finance, familly and a bad reputation.

I just never asked anybody for help. This is the first time I’m trying to seek help other than myself. I don’t talk that much with friends about what I feel, or when I do, it’s over the internet and I don’t really care to whom I talk, just getting all this stuff off my head is already, for me, a start of a therapy.

Sorry if it bothers you me spaming this forum, it won’t be for long, I’ll get help during this semester and I’ll get real help. Still, being able to see what are the symptoms did a lot of good to me, as well as telling my parents who found it hard to raise a kid like me. My problems where so deep it also give headache to my parents and a lot of anxiety. So I figured if I could just tell them it’s not their fault why I’m like this, it would at least take them a lot of their shoulder.

When I saw the psychiatrist, one of the first thing she told me was that normally ADHD is grown out of… After reading about it, I figured out she wasn’t experienced with ADD cases, so I closed myself up. Damn I don’t want to see another psy and have that same anger after leaving the clinic. I just don’t know how to ask for help, what do I need to do. Is their in any way I could help myself the good way? I mean if I write a text (without publishing it over internet) to help my next psy/neuro, what should be written in it? I’m just so bad speaking, I just say everything’s on my mind even if it’s not true or not what I believe, but writing it down help me regroup my thoughts.

Btw, I prefer being told the truth than anything else, I was not offended by anything you said, being contradicted of faceslap back to reality is what I need.