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Re: Asperger vs ADHD, what's the biggest difference?

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JS-cart: Everyone here can relate to the feeling of needing to figure out what is wrong. The best way to do that, is to go to someone who is qualified to make that determination.

A counselor at a school is not qualified. There are other conditions that can present like ADHD, so just because you look like other students she has dealt with doesn’t mean you have it. When my fiance’s niece was in Grade 1, the Special Ed teacher and the Social Worker at her school insisted she was ADHD. They staked their many years of experience on it. Then her mother took her to see a specialist at McMaster, and it turned out that they were wrong. (She struggled in Grade 1, but is now doing a lot better in school. She’s a rather active little girl, and was slow to start reading. Had she been a boy, I doubt they would have tried to label her as anything at all.)

If you’re starting a Masters degree, then I would *strongly* advise you to get a professional diagnosis on paper, ASAP. If you do have ADHD, Aspergers or another condition that affects your ability to do you work, you would be eligible for accommodations which can be a big help.

I can relate to your difficulties with the Psychiatrist. Don’t give up. The first Psychiatrist I went to was horrendous. My diagnosis came from a Psychologist, so I went to a Psychiatrist in order to try ADHD meds. I gave him a copy of my report, and he made disparaging remarks about Psychology and started arguing with the my Psychologist’s conclusions before he had even finished reading the first page. Took me a year to work up the nerve to ask for another referral. But now I’ve got a Psychiatrist who is willing to work with me, and I’m currently giving Concerta a test drive. So far, so good.

As far as spamming the board goes, no worries. Sometimes you need to spam a board. :) As I said in my last post, my motivation was kindness. You look like you are driving yourself crazy trying to self-diagnose.

What I would suggest is, slow down, and just make a list of your symptoms. Things like: Difficulty focussing, difficulty getting projects done, easily distractible, and so on. Ask your parents about what you were like as a kid and add that to your list as well. For a diagnosis of ADHD, there needs to be evidence of the condition from an early age. If you have any Grade school report cards in a box somewhere, try to dig them up. She what your teachers had to say about your work habits.

Then I would suggest going to your GP and getting a physical. Talk to your Doctor about your symptoms. (And if they include either fatigue or hyperactivity, ask about getting your thyroid hormone levels checked. It’s a simple blood test and it’s good to eliminate as many possible conditions as possible. ) A GP can diagnose and treat ADHD. Yours may or may not feel comfortable with the issue, and may want to refer you to a Psychiatrist.

Another line of inquiry might be with your University. These days Universities have centres dedicated to helping students with Special Needs. Some of them offer testing.

Keep an open mind about what your difficulty might be. For example, I have a friend who has a lot of symptoms in common with me and we were both tested by the same Psychologist. Despite the fact that we both have issues with executive function, our diagnoses are quite different. My friend has a Non Verbal Learning Disability, while I have ADHD and a Learning Disability.