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Re: Asperger vs ADHD, what's the biggest difference?

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Ok, thank you!

@jene: The thing is that I score pretty damn high on Asperger online test. Social skill is my biggest impairment, in fact, it goes to a point where I’m totally incapable of getting a girlfriend. I have to rationalise their actions to seek for interest, but by the time I come to the conclusion she might be interested, she saw how weird I am and go away. Also, I have a hard time keeping friends over time.

I have a good knowledge for word meaning, when I was young I used word way out of my league and did a lot of poetry. Still, when friends get sarcastic with me or do words joke, I often don’t get it and need some time to figure out what they mean or laugh right away but understand it later. But I can be overly sarcastic with others, to a point where I can be hard to follow.


I asked about Asperger because it came sometime in my research around ADD also around Alzheimer. My grand-mother and her son are diagnosed with Alzheimer, and it’s terrible to see them. I saw them during the holiday, and that scared me for my futur. Also, some website are stating a lot of similarity between Alzheimer and Asperger. By taking some online test, it didn’t help me with not thinking I’d have asperger. They may not be accurate, but social skills are my biggest impairement.

As I said, I do want to see a REAL specialist as soon as possibile. For example, I’ll take an optionnal class “Apprendre mieux et plus efficacement” which translate to “Learn better and more efficiently” . This course is given by a neurolog and will talk about :

– Better learning of ourselves

– strategy and learning mecanism

– note taking

– neuro-anatomy of learning

– attention and memory process

It’s some kind of group therapy for student.

I do need to see a paper stating what I have, because I realise I need help. Still it’s something hard for me as I’m so used to seek for help when I’m on the edge or falling or not at all. I’ll show sign of distress, but it’s the only way I asked for help.

What other condition is their that could be associated with ADD, forget the hyperactivity, I don’t think I have it, a friend of mine was diagnosed ADHD a few months ago and the “H” is amazingly evident.

Btw, I already looked out for my report card from primary school (age 6 to 11). It does show sign of ADD. Talking in inappropriate timing, want to do every too fast, forgetting my things, motivation, have a hard time with long time schoolwork, poor handwriting and reading. I took this to my psychiatrist, and she looked at it for 5 seconds and put it away.

I do try to be open minded about what I have, but it just punched me in the face when I read about ADD symptoms. It’s like somebody took time to describe my behavior. Or when you profoundly seek for an answer to a simple enigma and realise how stupid you where not figuring it out when you know the answer.

Btw, I did see a GP (I presume stands for general practician?) and he told me he couldn’t do a diagnosis but can gave me a paper so I can see a psychiatrist with public health. Maybe the law is different where you are. When I told him my symptom, he did hesitate between bipolarity and ADHD, but over here, GP are more for physical health and guide their patient to the right specialist. I think it’s because some university had problem with over diagnosis of ADHD so some student can get Ritalin even if they didn’t need it, it was just to help them with their study, much like steroids for an athlete.