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Personally, I was raised by a woman who was into new age stuff, and can relate. The problem with this post is it wasn’t a question, or a suggestion, or a discussion- it was presented as a one sided lecture. It’s a big deal to say to someone, “You know- you don’t really have (insert psychiatric disorder here) it’s all about this here thing-ma-jiggy!”

“A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed.”

Do you feel this explanation is “the truth” about ADD? Do you see anything in this statement here that might be seen as arrogant or off putting to the people you are speaking to? That is how I interpreted it.

The thing is, whatever you want to call or explain ADD- it doesn’t really matter to me. What matters is if you have it, how it effects your life, and how effective approaches are in dealing with those challenges. Pegging it on colors isn’t going to make my challenges go away. People can have their theories, but it doesn’t make my life easier to live. I mean- I’m still going to pile up dishes, have issues with social interactions…just to name a couple of things.

Is this approach really about helping people?

Maybe this is something that works for you. I can dig that. I can’t dig someone trying to convert me on something as big as this though.

It’s like trying to convince a catholic to become an atheist- or vice versa even. You have to understand and value where other people are, otherwise it can be offensive.

I can relate to having found something helpful and meaningful in my life, and wanting to show the world “the answer”. But, pushing things on people doesn’t work. I personally find doing so to be disrespectful.

Kapeash? Do we grok?