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Re: Bass Ackwards Diagnosis?

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Oh yes, your experience is possible here in Canada. Maybe psychiatry attracts the crazy types. No offense to you, Dr. J! 😆 I ran into one of those types on my own quest to get a diagnosis. He made me so angry I honestly think I could have spit nails!!! I`m usually a pretty cool laid back type.

As much as people up here complain about our health care system I personally am in love with it. Ive had a few bumps with it over the years but I also know about the system down south of the border. My husband is American and all of his family is living down there and Ive spent many hours over the years talking with that side of the family about the two systems. His family are all in professional fields so money has never been an issue with access to care.

As ADHDers, one of our biggest problems in accessing care is that many of us are soooooo impatient with waiting for a diagnosis. We want it NOW (no, make that YESTERDAY) and don`t put a nutty psychiatrist in our way!