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Re: Been on the meds a week now. A few new problems, emotions, have arised.

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Can’t read all the posts…not enough time, so I’m commenting on one or two chunks that I saw while skimming. Read the first post completely, though.

I take the generic! Amphetamine salts/D-Amphetamine salts, depending on the pharmacy. Usually, I take the ER (XR). But I take the IR, when I’ve missed my morning ER. I took the IR at first, to see how I did on the meds. Nothing like having to deal with something that doesn’t work for 12 hours, instead of 6, at least that was the reasoning at the time.

I’m extremely sensitive to medications. I did find that my heart raced, at first, and so I adjusted the IR dose down to 15mg per dose, vs. 20. That helped a bit. However, I also lost a ton of weight during that time (NOT related to the meds, related more to diet), and that was another reason to cut back.

If I take the ER (15mg/day) after 9 am, I am up all night , ideal dosing time being 8am for me. I have issues with insomnia, anyway, but the meds make that worse, if taken too late. For the IR, if it’s past 3:00pm, I don’t bother taking the second dose. The ideal dosage time for the IR is 8am and 2pm for me.

I still can’t drink coffee when I’m on the meds, it really makes my heart unhappy for about an hour or two after drinking it. Doc said up to 2 cups was okay, but I’m just that sensitive.

The biggest side effect for me is thirst. I need to have water near me at all times while on the meds.

About the IR- I thought I was supposed to take 10mg 2x a day, but I wasn’t. The pharmacist just labeled it wrong. To get the same effect as a 20mg ER pill (which is what I was taking at first), I was supposed to be taking 20mg in the am, and 20 in the afternoon. It only stays in the system for about 6 hours, which sounds like you are describing.

Talk with your doc and make sure you are taking the pills as you are supposed to be taking them. Also, talk with him about the possibility of taking them so it more conforms with your schedule. I’d say go nuts, and do what works, but then I could be setting you up for huge health problems, which is why I’m not a doctor. Too much responsibility. LOL.

Also, yeah, you’re gonna feel like crap when you start some big thing like working with your ADHD. You’re learning a ton about it, and how it has effected you and everyone around you for years. I don’t think it’s the meds, but again, ask a doc. Still, yeah, I can see why you feel emotional about it. It’s a very emotional thing. For myself, I felt angry that nobody helped me and denied my experience. Having ADHD has such a big impact on us. Expect emotions.