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Scattered as a teacher?? Oh, that would be me! I have to overplan for each day and make repeated trips to my day plans to make sure that I’m on track with what I’m supposed to be teaching. I work in a large K-8 school where each grade is supposed to teach the same material at the same time. Consistency across each grade!! Yikes!

If I don’t watch myself, I could get so far behind that I’d be in big trouble. Since I’ve got a big tendancy to teach ‘it’ until I think everybody gets ‘it’, I do tend to always be the last one to finish up on the units.

Oddly enough, I’ve got one great young teacher that I work with (she’s half my age), that often helps get me on track. She’ll pop into my classroom after school and look at me and what I’m doing and ask, “WHAT are you doing??!!” She’ll then walk over and show me a much quicker or more straightforward way to do a task, wearing a look of amazement on her face that I could be so disorganized or befuddled. The best part of this? It’s all done in a non-judgemental way, just being helpful to an older teacher colleague! Gotta love her! She knows I’m ADHD and sees how it affects me.

For Paula- I take Concerta 72mg for daytime. If I have something in the evening I take 10mg of regular old Ritalin to hold me together until the event is over. I take my Concerta at 6:00 am since the school bell rings at 7:45 for me and it is long out of my system by 5:00pm.

How do I find meds? The first day I took meds I remember wondering why my day seemed to be going so smoothly for once. It was just like the stars in the universe were for some strange reason, all aligned correctly. A once in a lifetime experience so to speak. That’s when all of a sudden I realized that today was the first day of my meds. So THIS was what it was like for others everyday! Amazing! No, things aren’t perfect but life is soooooo much easier!