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@ scarfox… tks. I try to accept it, but truth be told, it makes me feel like a failure. I am so proud because I know I’ve accomplished alot to get where I am, but I also feel very inadequate. I work so hard to keep up. I stay at school much longer than others most of the time. They give me problem kids because I work well with them (wonder why) and I can only concentrate on one task at a time so behavior and actual teaching leave NO time to multi-task paperwork while I do other things. Not to mention….when I get home…I can’t face my house. It’s a mess. I hate it. I clean and actually organize but i can’t seem to maintain any order. So it piles up at school and piles up at home. I just feel frozen sometimes. Any idea what I mean? Please say yes. I am not an idiot or lazy or worthless but geez I feel like it much of the time. It seems that others around me are always organized, calm, etc, etc. blah blah blah. Not trying for a pity party here but I feel like i’m drowning right now. Do you get this way at all?