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YES, definately

I always describe it as being paralyzed. There’s so much and it’s overwhelming and I don’t know where to start. And then I start to think about where to start. And that gets interrupted by feeling guilty for thinking about it.. again.. and not having started yet. But how am I – mr. Chaos – going to get anything done without structure? So I start planning it again… which I’m really not good at. Then I see that I have so much to write down… that I don’t know where to start and that brings me back to the beginning….

And that makes me feel like a failure. And all this takes place in my head… and I do nothing about it. So frozen or paralyzed… yep!!

So if you’re drowning…

put on your scuba gear…

start breathing…

take a good look where you are…

enjoy the scenery if you can. (a coral garden isn’t that well organized either)

and if you know where you’re at…

accept it…

and slowly start your ascend.

breathe Paula!! ( there is a surface somewhere up there ;) )