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Paula, Paula, Paula! Don’t be so hard on yourself. Your last posting describes me to a ‘T’. At the end of it all, I’m viewed by other teachers as being ‘so organized’. Have they actually any real idea of the length of time that it takes for me to get there? And that it last only for the day? And that I have to reorganize all over again at the end of the day???

I’m just like you. I can only concentrate on one thing at a time so there is no multi-tasking for me. My desk and worktables (okay, and all the other free and empty/available classroom surfaces) start each day out neat and tidy. By mid-day I’m struggling to even spy a sliver of any uncovered/uncluttered work surface!

To top it off, who gets all the behaviour issues because she supposedly handles them well? That would be me and probably only because I refuse to let myself lose my cool with them because after all, most of them are also ADD, just like me. Some poor teacher lived through teaching me a long time ago and did it without killingme or my spirit so I owe the same care to the ADDers that fly through the door.

This is a tough time of the year for us. Principals are stressed (at least mine is so I stay well back out of striking range) and they put a lot of demands on us along with teaching routines to a new bunch of kids. Now that’s HARD for us since routines are not usually our strong points.

As Scarface said, take a deep breathe and relax and enjoy your class!