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I have been trying to get a job as a teacher but w/o success. I didn’t figure out til my late 40’s and after dx that I wanted to teach, but I’m good with the kids for the same reasons that many of you are–I’m fun, stimulating, and I “get” the kids with ADD. I work with sped and love it. So I work as a teacher’s asst while I try to get a teaching job but there are 2 problems–1. the teaching jobs have dried up and 2. Once you work as a TA in our district you’re pretty much typecast into that role and/or they’re not taking me too seriously at my age. (50) I am so bored working as a TA! It’s the same thing every day–I loved subbing but have to have the insurance now.

One of the problems I’m having is that there is another TA who does not have even a trace of ADD and she uses mine against me to block me from getting a teaching position–I heard her reminding the lead teacher one day that I am a scatterbrain. She is excellent at administrative type tasks but has no feel for working with the kids and their feelings towards her range from fear to downright loathing.

I know that I need to go elsewhere to get a job and may give up on the teaching altogether but OMG how I hate job hunting–I just can’t seem to get it together to do what it takes. I have a beautiful resume and cover letter, but it’s the contacting people and doing everything to the letter the way they want it–last time I had an interview I forgot to send thank you letters. Thanks for letting me come on here and agonize–I know you guys will understand and if anyone has managed to push thru their inertia during the job hunt, I’ll take suggestions.